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    Starting a new business is an exciting venture but identifying the proper business entity and understanding the legal implications of operating your business can be a daunting task. We have experienced business attorneys to guide you through the various stages of starting or maintaining a successful business.


    Navigating the US Immigration System can be very intimidating and confusing. Simple mistakes and omissions can turn the most straight forward process into a long and expensive ordeal. Partnering with our law firm in the early stages of the process will ease the burden and improve your chances of success. Our multicultural attorneys have significant personal and professional experience with the US Immigration system.


    Taxes affect every aspect of our lives and engaging an experienced tax attorney early on in the process can make a difference in your planning. Ms. Steele has a diverse domestic and international tax planning background that allows her to incorporate strategic tax saving strategies while dealing with everyday client needs. Every aspect of her practice involves some form of tax planning.


    Discussing and developing an estate plan can be very uncomfortable. As a result, most people put it off until a tragedy is looming or often, when it’s too late. However, whether or not you realize it, you already have an estate plan – it’s called Intestate Succession.

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    • Are Your Affairs In Order?

      Last week, the world was shocked and heartbroken to hear of the untimely and sudden death of music icon, Prince.  Prince’s career spanned three decades and involved selling over 100 million records and amassing an estate reportedly worth more than $350 million.  In addition to that, record sales in the wake of his death skyrocketed […]
    • Gift-giving and Federal Income Tax

      Throughout the year, many of us give and receive gifts with no thought to the tax benefits and consequences for the person giving the gift (the donor) and the person receiving the gift (the donee). Gift-giving can be a good estate planning tool for passing wealth to the next generation and a means of intentionally […]
    • How Freezing Your Eggs Can Affect Your Estate Plan

      An estimated 75,000 children are born each year with Artificial Reproduction Technology (“ART”) and with companies like Facebook and Apple offering to pay for their female employees to freeze their eggs, that number is bound to increase. There are a number of estate planning issues that arise for families that have a child conceived by […]
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